SURVIVING DYSTONIA - The story in this book is true and unique to most Dystonia stories.


The 11 years it took to properly diagnose the disease and the misdiagnosis of the writer’s condition as an attempt to get attention make this a powerful human interest story, because it forced a little boy to become an adult at the age of 11.


It then chronicles how he survived the disease in spite of the treatment he received from all of the adults around him.



This is my story and the only real story I have. I pull no punches. I suffered dearly as a child and I suffer alone as an adult. This is a story I had to tell.


I describe in intricate detail my experiences. The story delves deep into my mind as a child with whose goal was to hide the disease and my suffering from the world and the adults around me.


This is a book that should be read by everyone with a heart and soul as it will make sensitive people cry and others to say “oh my god, how could anyone do that to a little boy!”


The Book - $14.95

The Screenplay - Coming Soon

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